It’s The Most Wonderful (Geek) Time of the Year!

At least for Orlando…

Next month, MegaCon 2012 and all of its nerd glory descends on the land of the mouse, bringing awesome costumes, jaw-dropping Lego© creations (seriously, you’ve got to see this stuff), and lots and lots of fanboys and nerdgirls.  With only 5 weeks to go, it’s high time you get your cosplaying game together!

Since we’re an army-navy store, we are limited as to which costumes we have supplies for.  They mainly fall into the categories of: Zombie Apocalypse, Military/ Tactical, and Camping.  I’m not aware of any awesome camping games (please enlighten me in the comments if you know of any), so let’s stick to the first two.

Zombie Apocalypse:

Zombieland, Resident Evil, any George A. Romero movie, etc. fall into this category.  I’ve always said that if the Zombie Apocalypse does happen, I call first dibs on our Orlando store. Not only are we stocked up with Zombie Essentials like machetes and shotguns, but we have an awesome front gate system that would let me open the front doors and just pluck zombies off one by one.  Aaaand, we have a bunch of MREs and first aid kits.  And ammo. Lots of ammo.

Back to cosplay.

Back during Halloween, we created a Rick Grimes costume.  Simple, really.  Corframs, khaki button-down, gray or brown BDU pants, hatchet, sheriff pins (one for shirt, one for hat), bush hat, etc.  With The Walking Dead being one of the top TV shows the past couple years, you’re bound to have a few pictures taken.

Next on the list is Chris Redfield.  The male protagonist from the Resident Evil series is a popular cosplay.  Since his costumes are usually made up of green tactical products, the components are a breeze to find.   Availability and price varies, depending on how intricate and exact you want your costume to be.  Mostly the base is olive green BDU pants and an olive green army t-shirt.  Throw in some black combat boots and a black duty belt with black accessories, and voila, you have a basic Chris Redfield costume!

An airsoft gun that is similar to Chris’s S&W Model 29 revolver can be specially ordered.  Please note that 1) special orders usually arrive within 2 weeks, though some may take longer to arrive, and 2) please do not remove the orange tip from the airsoft gun’s barrel.  You will be in a crowded environment with people who may not know the difference between a real firearm and an airsoft gun. It’s best to not scare them.

We also have a variety of combat knives in stock.  Some of Chris’s knives have been black, and some have been green.  Gerber and Ka-Bar are two great brands of combat knives to choose from.

That’s all the cosplaying goodness I’ve got for today.  I’ll be back in a few days to tell you about our Military/Tactical costume ideas (think CoD, Gears of War, etc).

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