Al’s Ladies’ Costumes- MegaCon Edition

Some ladies like video games and comic books, too, but not all of us want to dress up like Chun-Li or Emma Frost.  So, here’s cosplay instructions for Tank Girl, Jill Valentine, and Chell.


Chell’s outfit is quite simple, really. Bright orange jumpsuit, white tank top, portal gun, heel springs (if you’re a Portal 2 fan).  Ok, maybe the last two aren’t so simple, but that’s what Instructables is for.

Most people have a white tank top in their closet, or you can buy one at any Wal-Mart or Target.

Orange jumpsuits are available through special order.

Tank Girl

We put this costume together during Halloween.  Her outfit is also quite simple.

A plush Koala bear would be an awesome accessory.

As you can see, our version of her outfit consists of:

We have a bunch of military fatigue caps that would compliment this outfit.

Jill Valentine (BSAA)

Our version of Jill’s costume is her BSAA outfit from Resident Evil 5.  Blue is not commonly used in military clothing, so it’s a bit tough to find some of this stuff.  Her shirt (or a variation) looks like something you’d find at Sports Authority or Columbia Sportswear.

Ladies, what’s your favorite cosplay?

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