Basic Camping Prep Part 1

I have a confession to make.

I’m not an avid camper. In fact, when I go to Disney’s Fort Wilderness next week, it will be my first overnight camping experience. I’ve been there before, but after work, hanging out around a fire, not unlike a backyard get-together. As the night goes on, I go back home (about 20 minutes from the park), and fall asleep in my nice, comfy bed.

Not this year.  This year’s different.

I will be “leaving” (because it’s sooo far away) with my church’s college/young adults group on Sunday afternoon, and “returning” Tuesday afternoon. It’s less than a week away, so I better get my gear together, and quick.

In cases like this, working in an army navy store is a blessing. We carry everything I’ll need, and more, considering I’ll be at Disney, and not in the middle of the White Mountains, so I won’t need much.

This is my “extensive” checklist:

Food will be provided, I already have an air mattress and fire starter, and there are bathrooms and showers at the campsite, so I can just bring toiletries from home. I’m also looking into getting a solar charger for my cell phone. I won’t need bug spray, since Disney has special sonic devices that emit a sound that mosquitoes don’t like. Cast Members even bring your firewood to you! It’s the perfect place for a first-time camper to start out, if you live close enough.

As the week goes by, I’ll be posting how I chose the gear that I’ll be buying.

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