A Few Things to Add to My Camping Pack…

Ok, more than a few.   More like seven.

  1. MOLLE Pack: MOLLE stands for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment.  I made a bajillion trips between the campsite and my car at Fort Wilderness, and this pack would reduce that number considerably.
  2. MOLLE Pouches: Handy little pouches that attach to the outside of the MOLLE Pack.  There are ammo pouches, magazine pouches, knife sheaths, first aid kits, etc.  This one in particular is multi-purpose, good for miscellaneous items like fire-starters or camp towels.
  3. 1-Person .5 First Aid Kit: Since I’ll be breaking the cardinal rule of never hiking/camping alone. I already have one in my vehicle survival kit, but it never hurts to have an extra.  In fact, it would probably hurt if I didn’t.
  4. Snake Bite Kit: I can’t tell a coral snake from a kingsnake, so I generally stay away from all snakes here in Florida. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid every situation, so the kit is a precaution.
  5. Sport Utility Blanket: Can be used as a shelter, so it eliminates the need for a tent, in turn saving space in my pack. 
  6. Solar Heated Camp Shower: I’m not a happy camper unless I have a hot shower.
  7. Bamboo Picnic Set: It’s lightweight! It’s biodegradable!  It’s bamboo! Renewable resources make me happy.

Florida summers are torture, so it looks like my next camping trip is scheduled for October. Until then, I’ll be refining my list and adding products to my pack little by little.

Are there any products you’d like to suggest? Is there something I missed, something I shouldn’t take; is there something on this list that you never thought of before? Let me know in the comments!



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