Army/Navy Store Costume Ideas 2012

It’s that time of year again! Fall is in the air, Halloween is right around the corner, and we’ve come up with a few costume ideas that you can find here at your local Al’s Army Navy Store!

1. Zombie Prepper

BDUs are the base of this costume.  A tactical vest is an important accessory to this outfit; you have to stash important supplies and weapons somewhere.  Gloves are also important, to protect your hands from Zombie contamination and the weather.  Machetes are a great accessory, because every zombie prepper knows that machetes need no reload!  If you’re not comfortable with carrying a giant knife around while trick-or-treating, then we have a variety of airsoft guns to perfect your costume.

2. Soldier

Al’s Army offers both new and used components of uniforms from each major branch of the U.S. military.  BDUs definitely make up the majority of this costume.  Throw in a pair of jungle boots with a map-pocket cap and you’ve got your basic uniform.  Add a pair of dogs tags (customized tags available in-store) and a pocket knife and/or airsoft gun, and voila!  Soldier!

3. Top Gun

You won’t lose that loving feeling for Halloween with this costume!  For our best-selling costume, you’ll need a flight suit, some “Top Gun” patches, aviators, and jungle boots.


4. Ghostbusters

For a Ghostbusters outfit, you’ll need a khaki flight suit, patches, boots, and a simple black backpack.  Another one of our best-sellers, this

costume is really simple to put together.

 5. Nick Fury

Assemble your Nick Fury costume with the following:

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