What Should Be in Your Hurricane Kit?


Hurricane season officially starts on June 1st, and ramps up in August. This week is National Hurricane Preparedness Week, and we’re focusing on how you can prepare your emergency kit. We highly recommend getting your plan together well before the peak of the season. 

Food and Water

Make sure each member of your household has enough food and water for a week.  To make sure the water is safe to drink, we suggest keeping a pack of Drinking Water Purification Tablets on hand. If you’re worried about shelf life and expiration dates, Mountain House has a great 3-Day Emergency Food Pack.

Medicine and First Aid

Be sure to have 30 days’ worth of medicine and medical supplies on hand. Make sure all prescriptions are filled before the storm hits.


Have extra batteries on hand. A solar charger is handy for after the storm has passed, before power has been restored. Some FL residents were without power for a week and half after Hurricane Charley, so we highly recommend solar chargers! Rothco makes a few different solar chargers to fit your household’s needs.


Fill up your vehicle’s gas tank before the storm hits (and before the general public panics and jams up gas stations around town). Make sure your generator also has a full tank and is in working order.


Cash is king when the power goes out. The amount you’ll need depends on you.


This is a very basic outline of what should be in your disaster kit. Each household is different, so your kit should be planned accordingly. Elderly citizens need to check on their medication and possibly evacuate. Households with children may need more food and water, along with books and games so the kids stay occupied. Households with pets will need to update their pets’ vaccinations and contact info in case of separation.  Tailor your plan to your specific needs.


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