Stay Safe While Playing Pokemon GO

There’s no escaping the phenomenon that is Pokemon GO™. The game has exceeded expectations, despite some significant glitches, to become one of the most popular mobile games in history. People have come out in droves in their quest to Catch ‘Em All, with both positive and negative outcomes. Here are some tips to stay safe while playing Pokemon GO:



Good shoes are a MUST. The author has walked laps around Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando and the campus of the University of Central Florida to hatch eggs. Oh my gosh, are good shoes a must. Who knew hatching eggs would take so much work? Make sure your shoes support the arch of your feet, and fit correctly. If you’ve already fallen victim to blisters and other podiatric maladies, Adventure Medical’s Blister Medic is the perfect first aid kit for your feet.


Water is another must. This summer here in Florida has been horribly hot and humid. Ice Beam and Hydro Pump don’t exist in real life, so make sure you stay hydrated!  We have water bottles and hydration packs to keep you training comfortably.

Skin protection:

It’s July, so the sun is out in full force. In addition to the heat, skin protection is another issue for trainers. Make sure you’re wearing the right sunscreen, and a hat. Boonie hats have a wide brim and are vented, so your head doesn’t feel like the end of Charizard’s tail.

Summer means bugs, and lots of them. Invest in a good insect repellent to keep mosquitoes and other biting insects away. Can’t say the same for Weedles and Caterpies.


Despite countless warnings to stay aware of your surroundings during gameplay, trainers have still found themselves the victims of various crimes. To guard against vehicle collisions and dangerous cases of mistaken identity, glow sticks are a great way to stay visible while walking at night. Get them in your team colors for low-key representation!

Have fun and be safe on your quest to be the very best!





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