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How you can prepare for the hurricane season of 2017

NOAA says this hurricane season will be the worst in decades. It’s set to be even worse than they originally predicted. With Hurricane Harvey looming down on Texas, Floridians should be weary of what this may mean for the rest of this dangerous season.

Harvey has already caused widespread devastation in Texas, and it isn’t done yet. Flooding, catastrophic damage and thousands of people displaced is nothing new to locals in Florida who have seen numerous hurricanes and catastrophic storms.

Chances are you have been through a hurricane or two. Many of us remember evacuations and the loss of electricity for weeks at a time. It’s important to have a plan, especially when this season is supposed to be very active with hurricanes.

NOAA predicts 5 to 9 hurricanes and 2 to 5 major hurricanes. With our warm oceans, these storms are not a rare occurrence, but plague Florida constantly. The most important thing you can do is be prepared and have a plan for a worst case scenario.

Below is a helpful checklist of things you should have prepared before the next big storm hits.

  1. Know your evacuation route and have a plan in mind. Know where your local shelter is located in case you have to evacuate.
  2. Have a bug out bag ready. This includes clothing and any travel necessities you may need for at least two weeks of time.
  3. If you have animals or children, make sure they also have a bag ready with all necessary items they may need.
  4. Keep essentials on hand at home, in case you can’t get out in time. Keep water, non-perishable items, flashlights and a weather radio on hand.
  5. Having a generator is also a huge plus for the possible weeks you may be without power.

Always prepare for the worst. You never know when the next devastating hurricane could hit.

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Para-Lite 550 Paracord / Tinder: Why it is arguably the most influential tool any survivalist can own

Sometimes called fire-cord, Para-Lite paracord is essentially paracord that can be opened up and lit to make a fire in the most extreme situations. 5ive Star Gear, a company which is a part of Atlanco, has a reputation for innovative products for the survivalist. Para-Lite is their newest creation.

The paracord itself is as strong as the kind you are probably familiar with, in that it is rated to hold up to 550 pounds of tensile strength. By opening up the paracord and revealing the seven strands within, you can find the red cord in a tricky situation, and light it easily to stay warm or cook food.

The red core thread inside is essentially tinder and can easily be lit. The other strands inside the paracord can be used for a variety of tasks, such as sewing, fishing, sutures and more.

Each roll of Para-Lite comes with 50 feet of paracord. This paracord can also be used to make survival bracelets, zipper pulls, belts and anything else you can think of. This is arguably the most important addition to any bug-out bag.

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