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Adventurous and family friendly ideas for Floridians on only a tank of gas

Last minute get away ideas before the kids go back to school.

An air boat ride that will make your family genuinely appreciate nature.

Kenansville, Florida in Osceola County offers a lot for those that appreciate nature. Wild Florida air boat tours are sure to be a family hit. Make sure to bring the ear plus though, those air boat fans are quite loud. Your family can expect to see all types of wildlife on the tour, including blue herons, gators, and more.

You can truly appreciate what wild Florida looked like just a few hundred years ago. This land is virtually untouched by development, and allows for a great family escape to appreciate the little things in life. Kenansville is only a few miles from Florida’s Turnpike in Osceola County. Be sure to book your air boat rides in advance.

Frolic in the treetops in beautiful Crystal River.

Tree Top Adventure at Faith Haven Christian Retreat Center allows visitors to push themselves to the ultimate limit in this obstacle course more than 20 feet above ground. A system of ropes and tethers keeps you safe while you try to navigate the treetops.

Once strapped in, visitors climb a ladder to the skies and must find a way passed obstacles all while safely roped in. Climb around obstacles and zip down cable lines. Visitors can go through the course as many times as they choose during their allotted two hours. The business hopes to build self-confidence and strength in visitors through the challenges in the course.

For the adventurous family, try flyboarding.

In Palma Sola Bay in Manatee County, flyboarding is a recreational activity that may look strange at first, but packs quite a punch for thrill seekers. A water propelled jetpack straps to your feet, and uses the force of water underneath you to propel you upwards into the sky. You get to fly above water in the ultimate freeing experience.

People say it is actually much easier than it looks, and the worst case scenario is feeling like you are falling off a diving board back into the water. Just squeeze the throttle to be propelled into the air. For an adventurous family, this is the ultimate in an truly unique experience.

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Nalgene Water Bottles – The Original

What makes Nalgene water bottle so perfect? To start they are BPA Free, lightweight, shatter resistant, leak proof and made in the U.S.A. Also, resist to bacteria, stains and do not absorb odors. You can actually pour boiling water into them and they’re dishwater safe.

So when looking for the perfect Water Bottle solution that safely travels with you wherever you go look no further than your local Central Florida Al’s Army Navy stores.

Nalgene Water Bottles, sold in stores now and online at


See that lime green one in the middle of the photo? It glows in the dark!

At all Al’s Army Navy locations Orlando, Altamonte Springs and Sanford.

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A Few Things to Add to My Camping Pack…

Ok, more than a few.   More like seven. Continue reading

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Basic Vehicle Survival Kit for Urban Dwellers

When I lived in rural MA as a child, I knew the ins and outs of New England wildlife and could survive on acorns and wild berries if I needed to (never did, thank goodness).  Now, I live in FL, and as an adult, I’ll die out there if left alone for too long.  I know the basics of what to stay away from, like gators and black widows, but I can’t tell a Coral Snake from a Scarlet Kingsnake, and God help me when it comes to distinguishing which plant life is edible.  I simply don’t have the affinity for Floridian ecology that I do for the forests of New England.  So, I stay in the densely-populated city of Orlando, where you’ll be hard-pressed to find an abandoned road or plot of land.  Even then, emergencies happen.  This is a traffic-congested metropolis, and someone, somewhere, will be run off the road and into a ditch or retention pond.

There was a rash of those incidents a few years back, prompting me to finally put together a vehicle survival kit.  It’s really basic, but I’m always on the lookout for stuff to add. Continue reading

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3 things I Learned on my First Camping Trip

Ft Wilderness Spanish Moss

Sunset at Ft. Wilderness

In my opinion, Ft. Wilderness is THE place to have your first camping experience, especially if you’re spoiled and urbanized like I am. Continue reading

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Disregard Work, Acquire Camp Supplies

Camping checklist= checked.

  • Tent: Texsport 3-Person Hayden Tent
  • Sleeping Bag: Coleman Trinidad Sleeping Bag (40°F to 60°F)

Continue reading

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